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"Those old guys"


Team MERC are active duty and former military/spec ops and government personnel who have come together in a community effort to bringing local airsoft players the most intense and realistic simulations possible to keep everyone on their best game.

Phoenix Corps


Phoenix Corps is the standing travel team for CZ Airsoft made up of our members that reach out and visit other fields around our main field to promote good game play and teamwork. 

Tactical World Operations


A Mil-Sim airsoft group looking for like-minded players that enjoy the challenges of airsolf combat simulations

Stafford Operations Recon Division


Team S.O.R.D. is a Mil-Sim airsoft team mostly comprised of ROTC and other like-minded elements who enjoy the tactical simulations of airsoft.

Maryland Tactical Simulations (MAR-TAC Sim)


We are a group of people that are looking to play airsoft with others in (and the surrounding areas) MD, DC, PA and VA.

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