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CZ Briefing Room

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Dec 1st  - Black and Blue Sunday


Dec 7th and 8th - Santa's Pack'n

Dec 14th and 15th - Reindeer Games




1st Black and Blue Sunday

7/8 - Santa's Pack'n

14/15 - Reindeer Games


















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We are a 40 acre outdoor arena set up for multiple scenarios on 4 distinct playing fields. Play is fast and personal but with the various environments you might be on a long ambush patrol or battling it out in the town from one minute to the next. There is plenty of wide open spaces as there are plenty of hiding spots for snipers and traps.  You'll primarily want to use moderate to long range weapons on this field as viable options and adequate safety gear.

CZ field is located at:

29628 Ratliff Lane

Rhoadesville, VA

     Game Day Prices

$25     Field Fee

$20     Rentals

$15      HPA Regulator Locks

$6       CZ Barrel Socks

$10       Full Lunch 

$6       Safety Gear Rental

$1        Dead Rags

Special Pricing for Group events, Parties and Special Occasions available. 

 Next Event_
           CZ Presents 
    "Black & Blue Sunday"
                  12/ 1 / 2019

             29268 Ratliff Ln., Rhoadesville, Virginia 22542

Help us to help our community by donating an unwrapped new toy for us to give to the Toys for Tots program. 

Don't get on Santa's naughty list because he is checking his list and coming hard and fast with armed back up.

Walk-ons Welcome- ALWAYS

Field Fee: $25 

Rentals $20
Lunch will be available at field

Safety Gear: $6

Check in begins at 930am

Briefing: 1000 Teams will be dispersed starting at 1100 sharp. If you are not at the briefing you will have to wait until summoned. 

Block 1: 1030 (1130 on Sunday) 

Chow Break: 1230

Block 2: 1315 

Block 3: 1600 

EndEx: 1700

Stragglers sold off to the FFL after 1730

Call 540.842.8054 or write to

for more info.

    Safety Gear and Rentals available
    Available for purchase:
    CZ Patches
    Bio Ammo .20, .25, .28, .30
    Dead Rags...
    Lens Defog
    Face Masks


                         ask Staff for details

Barrel Bag, Bio Ammo, HPA Valve Locks and Full Seal Lensed Goggles Required




Past CZ Event Videos_                                                            Visit our Youtube Channel  CZ Airsoft for more


     Trapped and Hope Fading - '17                                                          Creed                                                        2015 CZ Year in Review